Educational Practices & Beliefs

At Toorloo Arm Primary School we want students to be independent and passionate learners who can connect with others.

Our role is to provide students with thinking strategies that enable them to acquire new knowledge and skills efficiently. We also need to develop the social and emotional side of students so they can build positive images of themselves and have the skills to build friendships with others.

Students of the 21st century require similar skills to people in the past. At the same time the world has become more complex with the speed, quantity and access to information presenting challenges to everyone. This means we need students to be able to process information quicker and to a higher level of complexity than in the past. Students will also require the ability to master content but more importantly they will require the ability to use this knowledge in a variety of ways.

At Toorloo Arm Primary School our teaching philosophy is driven by a belief that teachers will guide student learning through explicit teaching methods. This means the teacher providing a clear learning pathway for all students.

Our Student Wellbeing Program focuses on students developing an understanding of the key values that are generally accepted as being crucial to building and sustaining friendships. We believe it is also important for students to be able to overcome setbacks and difficulties. This is why we focus on the strategies students need to build resiliency so they have the capacity to recover, “ bounce back”, from personal challenges.

Programs utilized include:

  • Bounce Back
  • Respectful relationships, rights and responsibilities
  • The Resilience Project

For detailed information about what our curriculum currently covers at each Year Level see Curriculum section of the Parent Handbook.

Reporting of Student Progress

Individual student reports are written twice a year, at the end of term 2 and term 4.
Late in second term Parent/Teacher interviews are held. This enables staff/parents to discuss student progress and set goals to be worked towards for the remainder of the year.

Parent conversations will be held with all Prep parents midway through Term 1 to discuss how their child has settled into school life. Parent conversations also take place with all parents in term 1. At any time throughout the year a parent may arrange an interview to discuss a pupil’s progress.

Naplan Tests

Students in Years 3 and 5 participate in Naplan testing each year. Families of students involved in this receive a standardized report which gives additional information regarding student achievement.

For more information go to the NAPLAN Website