Core Values

We provide a caring, challenging and dynamic learning environment that empowers children to develop the skills and knowledge to become valued members of the community.

Our School's Foundation Principles

Toorloo Arm Primary School is firmly committed to the following statements:

  • All students can learn given time and support
  • All decisions are made on the basis of what is best for students.

Our School Values

All aspects of the school’s operation are governed by:

Truth, Trust & Honesty

To us this means:

  • Being truthful to ourselves and others
  • Recognising that these values underpin all successful relationships and create a supportive, trusting and respectful environment
  • Believing that truthfulness equals open communication
  • Accepting that one must tell the truth and expecting honesty from others.

Persistence, Quality and Excellence

To us this means:

  • Encouraging a work ethic where students persist to achieve their personal best.
  • Expecting that all students can achieve given time and support.
  • Providing a comprehensive program that fosters individual excellence
  • Establishing a culture of high achievement across the school community


To us this means:

  • Providing opportunities for the whole school community to come together
  • Building a commitment to shared goals and understandings through open and honest communication
  • engaging the school community at every opportunity
  • Recognising that honesty, trust and respect are the foundations of good relationships
  • Supporting success by working together.
  • Ensuring opportunities for all to participate in the decision making process


To us this means:

  • We respect and welcome diversity
  • Shared understandings are developed through active participation and equal voice
  • We care and can make a difference


To us this means:

  • Embracing humour in all we do and all we face.
  • Recognising that humour, is good for health, improves relationships and can provide a circuit breaker in difficult situations.
  • Pro-actively encouraging a positive and supportive environment that fosters student engagement and a love of learning.
  • Encouraging close relationships between school community members so that all feel supported and connected.